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Product design of an iOS mobile app 

VOX: Welcome

Project Overview


An iOS mobile app provides sound recording service that allows people to sing like in the studio, record stories or thoughts, make audio books, etc.

Project Scope

Design a mobile product with simple and delightful user interfaces and consistent brand system that provides fluid and intuitive user experience.


12/2017 - 9/2018

My Role

Principle UX Designer


1. User Research
2. User experience design
3. Visual Design

VOX: List

Design Process




Artboard Copy 3.png

Product Positioning

Artboard Copy 2.png

User Experience


Artboard Copy 5.png



VOX: List

Market Analysis

Why VOX is needed

People are more and more enthusiastic to express themselves. The content of social media changed from plain text to images and videos. Varies type of expressions not only tightened the connection between people, but most important is that helped people to reveal and discover themselves and let go of the pressure and negative emotions. The emerging of voice processing technique even gives people more capability to express in many ways.

Vocal expression is beneficial in multiple ways according to the research results:

  • Sharpens focus. The process of reading/singing aloud helps us put all their energy into the task and pay full attention easier.

  • Practices communication skills. Reading aloud can help us become more aware of what we read and hear.

  • Brings more fun. And this is also one of the purpose of the social media that allows people to do things purely for fun.

That's why VOX, as a platform for posting mainly sound tracks, will be a trend to be used by people who have similar eagerness and passion.

Target User Group

Based on the mission, the focus will be targeted mostly on people from teenager to middle age (16 - 40). This group is the most powerful user of mobile device and social network, and are the most enthusiastic to learn new things, take challenges, and express opinions.

VOX: Projects

Product Positioning




Age 22, Freshman studying marketing and advertising, interested in recording music demo of playing instruments and singing songs.

He uses the app mostly to:

  • record demos

  • listening to other's musical sound tracks

  • leave comments and get feeds to communicate with people with similar interests


Age 35, full time mom with two kids, likes reading in spare time of cooking and taking care of the family, found it's therapeutic to read aloud and easier to focus and be efficient on daily tasks.

She uses the app mostly to:

  • Record audio books and use the app as a collection of her work

  • Review scripts that are interesting to read

VOX: Team Members

Product Positioning

Personality & Functionality


  • Approachable / Welcoming / Intuitive

  • Open-minded / Adaptive

  • Modern

  • Relaxed / Laid-back / Effortless

  • Everyday / Emotional / Imagination


  • Consistent

  • Accessible

  • Personalized

VOX: List

User Experience Design • Prototype


User flow and prototype

The whole UI design process was taking place within Adobe XD as the prototyping tool. And the initiation process was live streamed through Behance's live event and shared with hundreds of audiences around the world.

VOX: Projects

User Experience Design • Features






In Voices tab user can tap on sound tracks or albums contributed from the community to play for fun or seek inspirations, or leave comments and get feed from others.


Work as a music player

It's a fully functioned sound track player that allows the user to like, comment, and share the sound track, also check playlist and scripts as well.



Easy to start recording by tapping on the "+" tab

Start recording whenever the user feel like to do so. The app gives full control to the user to adjust speed, view scripts, and reduce noise of the environment. 
The smart pause button makes the user comfortable with either keep recording or stop and continue.


Find the material

just for your needs.

The Library tab acts just like it's titled. User can find what they want to read, and contribute back to the community.



Here's MY space.

User can not only customize their own space by collecting all their sounds and articles, but also customize how they want the app to be. One of the features, switching between light/dark mode, satisfies user's visual preference.

VOX: Projects

Brand Identity

The name of the app VOX came from the community while live streaming. Along with the name, the audience also sent over his/her design concept of the logo. The final logo of VOX was actually built upon the contribution of all of the talented and passionate people watching and inspiring the process.

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VOX: Image
VOX: Image
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